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The Perfect Plum Polish!

12 Nov

Hey everyone!

For this holiday season I am loving warm plum coloured nail polishes. My two favourite plum polishes are by Essie and OPI. They are quite similar but Casino Royale by OPI is definitely a bit deeper than Bahama Mama by Essie, so if you are looking for a deep plum the Casino Royale is your best bet!

Casino Royale By OPI

Bahama Mama by Essie

Essie Bahama Mama, perfect for fall!

So take your pick and let me know which colour you prefer!

xoxo, Lilia 🙂



Metallic Mani!

20 Jul

Hey everyone! Today, I decided to try out the nail trend where you paint your ring finger a different color! If anyone knows the name of this design, please comment below… because I have no idea and I’m pretty sure it has a name (other than “nail trend where you paint your ring finger a different color” hehe). This cute nail idea is great for summer since its playing up a bright orange with a bit of a metallic pop. So lets get to it! ALSO, i would like the apologize in advance for my horrible nail painting job.. I’m no professional!

The polishes that I used to create this look are as follows:

I just use a simple orange polish from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Collection which is available  at most drugstores, and I also used a gold glitter polish and metallic magnetic (didn’t use it for the magnetic design-just the color) polish from Tivoli.

You don’t have to use the exact same polishes as me but these are just the ones i had at home!
If you are interesting in a good metalic nail polish, check out the new Mirror Metallics Collection from Essie: here.

To create the individual gold metallic nail, I applied the metallic polish on my ring finger of both hands. After the first coat of the metallic polish dried, I went over it with the gold glitter polish to add a bit of sparkle.

That’s all it took to get this cute nail design. I hope you enjoyed my quick take on this nail trend and don’t forget to Like/Comment/ and Follow for more beauty tips!

xoxo, Lilia 🙂

Spring/Summer Nail Polishes!

9 Apr

Spring is here ladies! Get these awesome nail polish colors that will finish off your look.

Strawberry Margarita –OPI:

Such a sweet color. Apply several coats.

Do you lilac it? –OPI

Repurchased several times. Good Colour for all seasons, but this soft purple is perfect for the warm weather months.

Absolutely Shore -Essie 

A soft, chilled-out sea foam green that practically screams: Brin-g on the Beach! 

Buy it here: (x)

She’s picture perfect- Essie

Click to buy here:(x)

she's picture perfect

Pink- a-boo- Essie 

Apply a few coats of this one!

Click  to buy here: (x) 


Essie vs. OPI

OPI nail polishes are more pigmented then Essie.

We’ve  found that OPI chips unless you put a few layers of clear top coat . Essie doesn’t chip that much.

OPI has a larger selection of colors, but we like the smaller selection that Essie offers.

Let us know what your favorite colors for the spring are and if you like Essie or OPI better!


Maya and Lilia