Super Simple 5-Step Manicure

25 May

into mind

I might not wear make-up everyday, but I always wear nail polish. Pretty much every day of the year. Not only because I like playing around with colour, and the application itself feels like meditation for me. Nail polish also keeps my nails healthy. I realise this might sound a little counterintuitive. A while ago someone asked me: “How come your nails look so nice even though you always wear nail polish? Some commenters have also said something like “I wish I could wear nail polish like this but my nails are too brittle”.
Let’s clear this up: Nail polish is not damaging to your nails. In fact, it can protect them from external influences that really are damaging, like skin care products, frequent washing, detergent, etc. It can also help to remind you to take better care of your nails: If you just put on a pretty colour, you might…

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