Guide For Perfect Red Lips!

19 Mar


Red Lips are always so hard to maintain and do.

Here are some tips that might help you get long lasting and beautiful red lips.

1. Before applying red liptick, make sure your lips are soft hydrated.

Currently loving the EOS chapstick- $4

2.Block out the natural color of your lips by applying a little bit of foundation. This will help you get the same color of your lipstick on your lips.

Natureluxe by CoverGirl- $14

3.Begin to apply the lipstick  starting from the middle towards the sides of the lips.

4. Once you have achieved the color you’ve been wanting, go over it twice.

5.Optional:  Finish the look by applying a thin layer of a lip pencil that’s the same color of your lipstick. Smug it inwards to create a beautiful airbrushed effect.

Mac- $14

 Lip Pencil

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