Spring Fashion Trends

16 Mar

Here are some trends that I’ve been loving for this spring:

1. Bright bold colors: 

As seen on the run ways from designers such as Marc Jacobs,bright and bold colors make simple dressing look glamorous.

Tip: Stick to a few colors that don’t clash and avoid the rainbow look.

check out some of these cheaper way to shop this trend:

Forever21- $27.80

2. Super bold prints:

Designer labels such as BCBG and Cynthia Rowley showcased this trend on the run way this spring.

 Oversize florals, fruits, animals and even  geometric shapes were all over the run way.

Tip: Be sure that the print doesn’t drown you out. If you’re scared it will, shop with a friend for advise.

Shop this trend for less:

Zara- $119.00

3. Peplum skirts, dresses and shirts. 

Who doesn’t love this sexy look that highlights a smaller waist. Rock this trend with heels.

Check out this look for less:

Zara: $119.00

   Also loving,

4.  Dresses/ skirts  with a shorter front and longer back.

Show your legs off with a dress/skirt that’s shorter in the front and flowy and longer at the back. So much fun to wear this spring.

Check out the look for less:

Forever21- $29.80

Zara- $49.90

Hope you enjoyed this,

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2 Responses to “Spring Fashion Trends”

  1. CokaRabbit March 16, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    Really love the N0.3 Zara look! I’m considering to buy it!!!

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