DIY- T-Shirt Transformation

16 Mar

Hey there! So, i can’t take credit for this DIY project because i saw it on a while back, but i just thought i should share this idea with all of you! It’s a really simple way to take an old, plain t-shirt and turn it into a cute tanktop.

To start all you need is:

  • any T-shirt 
  • ribbon 
  • scissors  

Next, you can follow the image shown below to trace the area of the shirt you will have to cut in order to make it a tank top. If you want to make it a crop top, you can always just cut the bottom of the shirt shorter to the length that you prefer.



TIP: Use colorful ribbon to add a little flare!

3) TA-DA! In 3 simple steps you can  turn that boring old t-shirt into a brand new tank top that is perfect for spring/summer!

 Hope you enjoyed this cute little DIY idea and remember you can always make this your own by adding in your own extra touches! Follow us for more projects, tips and more coming soon… and Like/Comment  too 🙂




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