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Product Review: Bare Escentuals Foundation

31 Mar

bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation

Hey everyone! Recently i have purchased the bareMinerals SPF 15 matte foundation from Bare Escentuals. This foundation is great for for all types of skin. I have combination-oily skin, and this foundation works great and reduces oil shine during the day. I have also found that this foundation minimizes my pores and makes my skin look great. This foundation offers full-coverage that doesn’t feel cakey or heavy.

I highly recommend this foundation for anyone with combination-oily skin that is looking for a full-coverage that also feels lightweight and looks natural! I have been receiving compliments on my skin ever since i have started using this foundation.

This product comes in 20 different shades, so it will easy to find the shade that is right for your skin tone. I have olive-medium skin tone with neutral-yellow undertones and the shade Medium Beige is perfect for me.

This product came to $36 CA (not including tax) at Sephora.

You can purchase this product here, at the Sephora website : (x) 

Hope you found this review helpful and will consider purchasing this great product!

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Shoedazzle Review!

28 Mar is a great place to shop for shoes that offers great quality for low prices.

When you first sign up for shoedazzle, you answer a few questions so that the website could find you shoes that would most likely fit your style.(Registration is free)

Then, your personal show room of shoes is presented and you can pick and choose shoes you might like. Shoes that are not in your show room could be viewed if you click “What’s new” or “Collections”. 

ALL shoes on Shoedazzle are $39.99. (Shipping: US- free, Canada- $9)
Here are some of my favorites from Shoedazzle for the spring: 

 The Nonchalant (Personally own and loving)

The Allegra

The Hilary 

There are many more to choose from so go ahead and take a look.

Shoes from Shoedazzle would be a great idea for a present for birthdays and holidays.

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Laugh of the Day!

24 Mar

Kristin Chenoweth gets dance dared on Ellen.
Check it out! Too funny!

Maya & Lilia

PART 2: Tips to Help You Get That Rocking Summer Bod: Lifestyle

24 Mar

Cardiovascular Diseases are Avoided with Healthy HabitsHey there! Here is Part 2 of our health tips for getting in shape for summer. Changing a few things in your every day life can help you burn fat and get a shape to live a healthier life!

1. Get C and D. Vitamin C can help you burn more fat, and D may help you lose fat, research notes. Aim for 400 to 500 mg of C and 800 mg of D a day.

2. Walk more (in denim). Researchers found that fitness-friendly offices (think treadmill desks, mobile headsets) helped people trim pounds and fat, as did wearing jeans to work, since dressing casual encourages you to move more. Wear comfy clothes when you can, pace while on the phone, and stand while chatting with co-workers.

3. Add fish oil (And work out). Taking 6 grams of fish oil per day and hitting the gym three times a week can help nix body fat, an Australian study reveals.

4. Eat a smaller dinner. Your body may not digest food — and burn fat — as efficiently if you down a huge meal right before bedtime, especially because your metabolism is slower while you sleep, Dr. Manfroy says.

5. Jump-start your morning. Wake up your metabolism — and get fat-burning started — by doing some sort of exercise within the first few hours of being awake, Cooper suggests.

6. Get your snooze on. Sleep for a solid 81D 2 hours instead of 51D 2, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and you’ll lose more fat. Sweet dreams!

7. Move It. Daily exercise is one of the most important healthy lifestyle tips. Exercise on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes per day. Brisk walk, aerobics, or just any kind of bodily movement can do wonders for your health.

8. Be Positive. Have a positive outlook on your life and getting in shape. People who are positive tend to have better health and success in life then those who are negative thinkers.

9. Nix the boob tube. Cut your TV time in half, and you’ll burn more calories each day, research from the University of Vermont suggests.

10. Park farther. At work, school, or anywhere you go, instead of trying to find the closest parking spot, go for a farther spot. Parking a little farther than usual can help you input some more physical activity in your life.

Celeb workout collage

Even these stars have found time in their busy lives to get some physical activity!

PART 3: Tips to Help You Get That Rocking Summer Bod: In the Gym … coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed this post and have found these tips helpful.

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P.S. Check out PART 1: Tips to Help You Get That Rocking Summer Bod: In the Kitchen, here: (x) 


The Hunger Games!

23 Mar

The Hunger Games!

For anyone who read the book, you understand how excited we are to see this movie today.

We’re anxious to see if the movie does justice to the book, which we are almost positive it will.

If you haven’t read the books, go run and pick one up at your local book store. I guarantee this will be one of the best books you would ever read.

Go team Peeta!

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Kylie Jenner’s Phone Case!

21 Mar

I’m a sucker for cute phone cases, and I feel like I am constantly looking out for a new one and I think I need to add Kylie Jenners super cute “Keep Calm and Carry On” iphone case to my wish list!

These two links will take you to sites where you can purchase the same phone case, Link One & Two

I love the  Keep Calm merchandise and this phone case is perfect! 🙂


xoxo, Lilia.

The Perfect Spring Shoe

20 Mar

1. Loving the light pink and green color for the spring. Totally affordable and chic.

Available at Zara:Platform Sandal-$69.99


2. Also, Loving these cute studded flats. Perfect for the ladies who don’t like heals(which is a crime).

Perfect for dates, dinners, partys, etc.

Available at Zara: Studded Ballerina- $79.90

3. How cute are these flats? So adors for simply running around, school, shopping and casual brunch.

Available at GoMax Berdine 41 Teal Cutout Cage Thong Sandals- $32.00

GoMax Berdine 41 Teal Cutout Cage Thong SandalsGoMax Berdine 41 Teal Cutout Cage Thong Sandals

4. Every girl out there should have a pair of these babies. You could wear it with petty much ANYTHING. Plus, the thick heel is going to make it so easy to walk on.

Available at Zara: Ankle Strap Peep-Toe- $79.90

Hope you’re loving these as much as i do.



Your Perfect Eye: Eyeliner Tips For Your Eye Shape

19 Mar

Eyeliner can make all the difference. You can go from natural to sexy with just a touch of eyeliner. Follow these tips according to your eye shape to enhance your eyes and to make them pop!

Apply the eyeliner on your upper and lower lid from the inner corner of the eyes working your way towards the outer third of the eye. Use a lighter color eyeliner to line the outer corner of the eye if you desire. This method will create a visual effect which will make your eyes appear closer together.

Jessica Alba has a wide set eye shape

Apply the eyeliner from the outer corner of the upper and lower eyelids, working your way towards the third of the inner corner. Do not line the inner corner of your eyes because it will make your eyes appear even closer.

Jennifer Aniston has a close set eye shape. 
Apply a lighter shade of eyeliner which gradually thickens from the inner corner of the eyes towards the outer corner. Use a white eyeliner on the water line because it will brighten up the eyes and will make them look bigger.
This country superstar has beautiful small eyes to match her beautiful voice. 
Apply the eyeliner only on your upper lid from the inner towards the outer corner of the eye. This will enhance your beautiful eye shape.
Kim Kardashian has beautiful almond shaped eyes to die  for! 
Apply the eyeliner on your upper lid from the two third inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner and on the lower lid apply the eyeliner on the entire lid from the inner towards the outer corner of the eye.
Sandra Ho  

Also check out these different eye liner styles, varying from thick to thin to winged! Which one do you prefer?  

Hope you have enjoyed this post and have found it helpful! More makeup tips coming soon.

XOXO, Lilia 🙂

Guide For Perfect Red Lips!

19 Mar


Red Lips are always so hard to maintain and do.

Here are some tips that might help you get long lasting and beautiful red lips.

1. Before applying red liptick, make sure your lips are soft hydrated.

Currently loving the EOS chapstick- $4

2.Block out the natural color of your lips by applying a little bit of foundation. This will help you get the same color of your lipstick on your lips.

Natureluxe by CoverGirl- $14

3.Begin to apply the lipstick  starting from the middle towards the sides of the lips.

4. Once you have achieved the color you’ve been wanting, go over it twice.

5.Optional:  Finish the look by applying a thin layer of a lip pencil that’s the same color of your lipstick. Smug it inwards to create a beautiful airbrushed effect.

Mac- $14

 Lip Pencil

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Ashley Benson on Teen Vogue

18 Mar

Ashley Benson on Teen Vogue

How cute does Ashley look on the cover of teen vogue this month?

Ashley’s wearing a BCBG Max Azria dress, $448
And, Bebe earrings, $19.

So Gorgeous.